REALTOR® Safety Week Tip #3: Evaluate Your Surroundings Using the 10-Second Rule

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The other day I was backing out of a parking lot and was quite surprised to notice a car parked next to mine as I made my way in reverse. It’s not that the car magically appeared without my knowing it, it’s just that I was too preoccupied to take time to evaluate my surroundings before taking action.

I’m sure everyone’s been guilty of this at some point; we’re all busy and often trying to accomplish multiple tasks at one time. But one of the most common reasons that people find themselves in dangerous situations is because they weren’t paying attention. If you follow the 10-second rule, you’ll go a long way toward making sure you’re not putting yourself at risk.

Take 2 seconds when you arrive at your destination.

  • Is there any questionable activity in the area?
  • Are you parked in a well-lit, visible location?
  • Can you be blocked in the driveway by a prospect’s vehicle?

Take 2 seconds after you step out of your car.

  • Are there suspicious people around?
  • Do you know exactly where you’re going?

Take 2 seconds as you walk towards your destination.

  • Are people coming and going or is the area unusually quiet?
  • Do you observe any obstacles or hiding places in the parking lot or along the street?
  • Is anyone loitering in the area?

Take 2 seconds at the door.

  • Do you have an uneasy feeling as you’re walking in?
  • Is someone following you in?

Take 2 seconds as soon as you enter your destination.

  • Does anything seem out of place?
  • Is anyone present who shouldn’t be there or who isn’t expected?

That’s safety in just 10 seconds. It takes very little time to scope out your surroundings and spot and avoid danger. Make this “10-second scan” a habit in your everyday work as a REALTOR.® Then share it with someone else.

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