“Why is our neighborhood being marginalized by the real estate industry?”

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“Why is our neighborhood being marginalized by the real estate industry?” MAAR was asked this in a letter from a concerned citizen. We will keep the writer’s neighborhood confidential in this report so as not to increase whatever perception some may already have. “Recently, it came to our attention,” he wrote “that several families moved here despite a poor rating by their real estate agent. Curious about this, I started asking questions of friends and neighbors to help me define these statements. As a result, I’ve discovered a pattern of behavior by real estate agents that has left me feeling disillusioned about how the industry does business.”

He wrote he’s heard that his community is being called “iffy” or “questionable” or “unsafe” by real estate agents. In addition, he’s heard that almost all potential buyers are being told not to live there and are being steered into an area agents consider more favorable. Baffled, he wrote that his neighborhood association is well organized and keeps the community looking nice. They enjoy proximity to shopping, quality public service, and a safe environment. He is proud of his neighborhood and considers it an excellent place to live.

Is his observation about agents a valid one? Are agents spreading rumor and hearsay and as he wrote “nurtured from word of mouth labeling and ignorance of the facts, and born out of laziness”? Let us hear your suggested best practices in this regard.

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Professional Appearance of REALTORS®

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Memphis REALTORS® might be interested in this opinion from Eric Anderson, a North Carolina REALTOR. This appeared on Eric’s blog.

The professional appearance of many Realtors concerns me greatly.  Our profession is based on the visual appearance of the homes we list and the homes we show.  Buyers and sellers have developed a negative view of Realtors because of the lack of visual appearance.  Realtors have become too “relaxed” with their appearance and the public has noticed.  Imagine putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes, and you meet a Realtor with cargo shorts and sandals.  The Realtor proceeds to give you a presentation in the sandals and it’s all downhill from there.  It doesn’t matter if you gave the best presentation in the world, the consumer now sees you as someone who lack professionalism, and just wants their 5%, 6% or 7% (whatever commission is charged).

Would you use a Doctor or Dentist dressed in that attire?  We as Realtors need to protect our profession against those who make us appear as “Used Car Salesman”!  I want the consumer to say My Doctor is X, My Attorney is X, and my Realtor is Eric Anderson.

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Keeping the ‘Crisis’ in Perspective

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A little over a week ago, Dennis Kneale commented on CNBC about whether the housing “crisis” is really a crisis at all, or just a smaller problem blown out of proportion. From Kneale’s perspective it all comes down to the numbers, which reveal homeowners most affected by the supposed “crisis” is a much smaller percentage than what you might believe.

Direct link to the video is:


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Are You Guilty of Pushing?

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In a public forum yesterday Realtors in general were criticized for pushing their favorite suburban neighborhoods without indoctrinating uninformed homebuyers from out of town to a variety of fine options. A Medtronic manager who bought in Collierville said he lived in Memphis five or six months before visiting downtown. The audience concurred Realtors were neglecting to show the broad community. We’ve heard this before. Is it perception or reality? Care to share best practices of your own? Have any websites or other resources to recommend that define our neighborhoods? Is there a role that MAAR should play?

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Too Much Real Estate Information?

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It seems that almost daily another national real estate website emerges with home sales and value information, sales trends and localized commentary.  With the increasing awareness of Web 2.0, the consumer has  a wide variety of resources beyond realtor.com and real estate company and agent sites.  With more resources, the line blurs between what is factual and what is based on computer models or conjecture.  The most obvious way to pull this information together is with a professional who is out on the streets every day dealing with it.  I have added Real Estate Consultant, Mollie Wasserman’s Warning to my site.  It makes a lot of sense for both practitioners and the public.

Real Estate Internet Warning©
Despite advertising claims to the contrary, the Internet is not an experienced real estate professional. It cannot consult, counsel, advise, apply knowledge of local real estate laws and market conditions, make judgments, own the result, or most importantly, understand your individual goals and needs and care about you as a client. Furthermore, while the Internet can provide information, it cannot interpret it. (used by permission, compliments of Mollie W. Wasserman)       


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