Professional Appearance of REALTORS®

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Memphis REALTORS® might be interested in this opinion from Eric Anderson, a North Carolina REALTOR. This appeared on Eric’s blog.

The professional appearance of many Realtors concerns me greatly.  Our profession is based on the visual appearance of the homes we list and the homes we show.  Buyers and sellers have developed a negative view of Realtors because of the lack of visual appearance.  Realtors have become too “relaxed” with their appearance and the public has noticed.  Imagine putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes, and you meet a Realtor with cargo shorts and sandals.  The Realtor proceeds to give you a presentation in the sandals and it’s all downhill from there.  It doesn’t matter if you gave the best presentation in the world, the consumer now sees you as someone who lack professionalism, and just wants their 5%, 6% or 7% (whatever commission is charged).

Would you use a Doctor or Dentist dressed in that attire?  We as Realtors need to protect our profession against those who make us appear as “Used Car Salesman”!  I want the consumer to say My Doctor is X, My Attorney is X, and my Realtor is Eric Anderson.

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How is the role of the REALTOR changing?

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The basics of the real estate profession are changing at an ever-accelerating rate.  Consumers are much more knowdegable about the industry and much more aware of what they really want and need.  What is today’s real estate agent doing to ensure they are meeting the wants and needs of the Mid-South consumer?

Posted by Melanie Blakeney at 12:56 pm

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