“Why is our neighborhood being marginalized by the real estate industry?”

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“Why is our neighborhood being marginalized by the real estate industry?” MAAR was asked this in a letter from a concerned citizen. We will keep the writer’s neighborhood confidential in this report so as not to increase whatever perception some may already have. “Recently, it came to our attention,” he wrote “that several families moved here despite a poor rating by their real estate agent. Curious about this, I started asking questions of friends and neighbors to help me define these statements. As a result, I’ve discovered a pattern of behavior by real estate agents that has left me feeling disillusioned about how the industry does business.”

He wrote he’s heard that his community is being called “iffy” or “questionable” or “unsafe” by real estate agents. In addition, he’s heard that almost all potential buyers are being told not to live there and are being steered into an area agents consider more favorable. Baffled, he wrote that his neighborhood association is well organized and keeps the community looking nice. They enjoy proximity to shopping, quality public service, and a safe environment. He is proud of his neighborhood and considers it an excellent place to live.

Is his observation about agents a valid one? Are agents spreading rumor and hearsay and as he wrote “nurtured from word of mouth labeling and ignorance of the facts, and born out of laziness”? Let us hear your suggested best practices in this regard.

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Are You Guilty of Pushing?

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In a public forum yesterday Realtors in general were criticized for pushing their favorite suburban neighborhoods without indoctrinating uninformed homebuyers from out of town to a variety of fine options. A Medtronic manager who bought in Collierville said he lived in Memphis five or six months before visiting downtown. The audience concurred Realtors were neglecting to show the broad community. We’ve heard this before. Is it perception or reality? Care to share best practices of your own? Have any websites or other resources to recommend that define our neighborhoods? Is there a role that MAAR should play?

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Do You Know Who Has Your One Day Code?

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I had a call today from an agent about the SentriLock One Day Code and am interested in knowing under what circumstances listing agents are giving out the One Day Code.  I would like to point out that MAAR has a form for obtaining the home seller’s approval to activate the One Day Code. We strongly urge the use of this form. To access the form known as “Key Box Amendment and Supplement to Exclusive Listing Contract”, go to www.maar.org, click Forms and Contracts, enter the password, and pick the form from the list. 

The question I was asked today was it within our MLS rules to give the code to a licensee who does not belong to the MLS and therefore does not have a SentriLock Card. The MLS rules do not restrict who may be given the code; however, the “Amendment and Supplement” mentioned above gives the seller the option of allowing activation of the code 1) at any time without notice, 2) at any time with advance notice, or 3) only as expressly directed by the home seller. 

What is your practice? Do you give out the code to licensees for showing? Do you give it out solely for use by service providers such as painters and home inspectors? Are you using the “Amendment and Supplement” form when listing the property to obtain the seller’s authorization to give out the code?

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