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Memphis REALTORS® might be interested in this opinion from Eric Anderson, a North Carolina REALTOR. This appeared on Eric’s blog.

The professional appearance of many Realtors concerns me greatly.  Our profession is based on the visual appearance of the homes we list and the homes we show.  Buyers and sellers have developed a negative view of Realtors because of the lack of visual appearance.  Realtors have become too “relaxed” with their appearance and the public has noticed.  Imagine putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes, and you meet a Realtor with cargo shorts and sandals.  The Realtor proceeds to give you a presentation in the sandals and it’s all downhill from there.  It doesn’t matter if you gave the best presentation in the world, the consumer now sees you as someone who lack professionalism, and just wants their 5%, 6% or 7% (whatever commission is charged).

Would you use a Doctor or Dentist dressed in that attire?  We as Realtors need to protect our profession against those who make us appear as “Used Car Salesman”!  I want the consumer to say My Doctor is X, My Attorney is X, and my Realtor is Eric Anderson.

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  1. Jeremy Helton Says:

    I am going to have to strongly disagree with this post. I can say from experience that some people are just as turned off by a slickster in a 3 piece suit, and spit shinned Johnston and Murphy’s as they are some one who is dressed more relaxed and can connect with their potential client. While I personally think cargo shorts and sandals may not work for my market, it may work great for someone working mainly with clients near a college campus. Just like a job interview you need to know your market and dress accordingly. If you are showing and listing corporate type commercial properties all day and you feel a suit is necessary, by all means wear one. If you are showing a 500 acre farm and want to wear a suit by all means wear one, I’d be interested in tagging along and see how that works out for you. Personally I like to wear shorts just about everyday the temperature is over 70 degrees. If that irritates you I apologize but I don’t work for you I work for my clients and as long as I keep selling their houses they wouldn’t care if I wore red leather pants and a Metallica T-shirt. If attire truly justifies commission and success I suppose it will eventually weed out those who dress relaxed.

    One more thought…. 5%, 6% or 7% (whatever commission is charged). When they ask why you should earn whatever commission and why you are better than Realtor X, tell them that you dress sharp and let me know how that works out.

  2. Brenda Gibney Says:

    I have to agree with Jeremy’s comments. As a Realtor who works with “alternative” clients I know that many would not have been able to trust me if I’d been wearing pantyhose & the stereotypical Nancy Regan red power suit ~ they’ve told me as much & been grateful to have someone they felt comfortable with who understood their needs & outlook. Some people simply don’t relate to buttoned up biz attire. Adapting to your clients is more important that any one certain ideal of professional dress code. JMO but it works for me :)

  3. Greta G. Thompson Says:

    I believe our own presentation is important, just like that ofthe property. Many years ago, when I took my broker’s test, one of the people who took it with me pointed out that I need to set myself apart as a broker, wearing a jacket with my skirt or slacks, rather than a sweater. I had not thought of this before but I think it tuly matters. No matter where you go, you only have seconds to make a first impression. Why have to overcome that first impression? I realize that the world has changed and too many people want to dress casually, but there is time and place for that. Last year I looked around at an airport and observed that most of the passengers looked like they were going on a picnic or out to exercise or do yard work. If I’m investing money I expect the person I am dealing with to be dressed for business.

  4. Mary Lockett-Beard Says:

    Personally, I feel as Realtors, we are professionals & it does matter to some people how we look & to some it does not. Each individual must decide what’s best for him. I feel more professional with a dress on or pantsuit, but not always church wear. Casual dress is good. It seems to fit anyone. It also depends on how we feel about ourselves. I love being professional as I have been in the professional market for years. This also applies to our conduct & language we use. I want to stand out & not look like a non-professional. We do represent the real estate market & I want to do it well!

  5. Jeanete Carlisle Says:

    I am going to 100% disagree with Jeremy Helton.. If you wore shorts to a listing appointment I would be shocked. No matter if it was for farm land or a broken down shack.. you should have the professionalism to dress appropriately even it was khaki pants and a golf shirt. You dressing in shorts is of course your free will, but I would not hire you for sure…. My motto is dress for success.. Depending on where and who I was calling on in no way would I wear shorts and a metalica T-Shirt and I doubt your Home or Land owners would appreciate nor would they have hired you in those clothes. I am proud of my profession and I would love to challenge you to wear shorts and a metallica t shirt on a listing appt. against me. No matter who it was.. of course unless it was Prince Mongo then you may win… I of am not knocking your style but totally disagree with you. You should dress for success every day of your career… If you want to help your listing with their horses or to help dig a ditch than by all means wear shorts/t-shirt but when showing the property or on a listing appt. absolutely not. I am not one to respond to these things but could not believe what I read. Also shocked not more responses.. Jeremy I like your spunk but not your dress code.. I want to know how your dress code has worked out for you…

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