Are You Guilty of Pushing?

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In a public forum yesterday Realtors in general were criticized for pushing their favorite suburban neighborhoods without indoctrinating uninformed homebuyers from out of town to a variety of fine options. A Medtronic manager who bought in Collierville said he lived in Memphis five or six months before visiting downtown. The audience concurred Realtors were neglecting to show the broad community. We’ve heard this before. Is it perception or reality? Care to share best practices of your own? Have any websites or other resources to recommend that define our neighborhoods? Is there a role that MAAR should play?

Posted by Jules Wade at 6:44 am


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  1. Joe Spake Says:

    I have heard that Medtronic story dozens of times. I think it is impossible for Realtors not to have favorite areas. They are comfort zones that agents are expert in every facet of the communities they like. If an agent presents themself as a generalist (”representing clients in Shelby, Fayette, and Tipton Counties”) the client would naturally expect to be to exposed to various types of communities that fit their general criteria.
    On the other hand, if an agent claims to be a specialist (”Your Downtown Agent”, for example), clients should expect a very specialized approach to the process.

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