Too Much Real Estate Information?

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It seems that almost daily another national real estate website emerges with home sales and value information, sales trends and localized commentary.  With the increasing awareness of Web 2.0, the consumer has  a wide variety of resources beyond and real estate company and agent sites.  With more resources, the line blurs between what is factual and what is based on computer models or conjecture.  The most obvious way to pull this information together is with a professional who is out on the streets every day dealing with it.  I have added Real Estate Consultant, Mollie Wasserman’s Warning to my site.  It makes a lot of sense for both practitioners and the public.

Real Estate Internet Warning©
Despite advertising claims to the contrary, the Internet is not an experienced real estate professional. It cannot consult, counsel, advise, apply knowledge of local real estate laws and market conditions, make judgments, own the result, or most importantly, understand your individual goals and needs and care about you as a client. Furthermore, while the Internet can provide information, it cannot interpret it. (used by permission, compliments of Mollie W. Wasserman)       


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  2. Seth Agranov Says:


    To reiterate what we talked about on Facebook IM, I couldn’t agree more with the Real Estate Internet Warning that Mollie Wasserman wrote. Buying and selling a home is a life changing experience. You are right in your post: the Web is full of conflicting home valuation sites & trending statistics tools. BLOGs are everywhere. Social Networking is quickly becoming a way of life. Now more than ever the Web (re)searching consumer needs a licensed and experienced REALTOR to decipher the overwhelming data, trends and opinions before them.

    I can research the Web all day long for information on impacted wisdom teeth. I could probably go to and find a dozen videos showing their extraction. Does that mean I’m qualified to extract my own? In my own home? Because I learned how on the Internet? What is it they say about the guy who opts to represent himself at a court trial? He has a fool for an attorney.

    The Web is a great haystack of information. No Doubt. Finding the needle of truth and fact isn’t as easy as it seems. Before you spend the next 30 years paying for a mistake, call a REALTOR.

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